Peep One crafts her beats

Last week we had two Boston based music producers come in to rehearsal and work with Rachel Cognata, who plays Peep One, on the art of beat making and producing. Tim Hall and Abstract Minor gave Rachel tips on how to mechanically create beats using the mixers and sound system in front of her, and also shared their individual work styles in the studio. We explored questions like: What is Peep One’s ritual when getting into her work mode? What is Peep’s work style in the studio? What does it look like when Peep is vibing with her beat?

The note that brought it all together came from Abstract Minor as she and Rachel were working on Peep One’s first individual beat making moment of the play. She said to Rachel,  “When you’re up there, YOU are the master of the beat you created. You know it better than anyone else, and it’s your job to hype it up.”