Verb’s Top 5 Hype Men: Flavor Flav

“So obviously Flavor Flav is the diamond standard” — Verb in HYPE MAN, p. 84

The first well-known hype man that Verb name drops in the play is Flavor Flav, a founding member of the group Public Enemy.

Flav’s onstage persona is playful and loud, and he’s best known for yelling his name or interjecting his catchphrase “Yeahhh, boyeeee!” during performances. His primary role in the group — getting crowds excited and pumped up — was crucial in bringing some levity to balance the group’s politically-charged music. He’s also known for his flamboyant appearance, often sporting an oversize clock around his neck and wearing bold clothing and accessories that add even more flair to his hype man antics. See him in action below: