Friday Playlist – Vol. 1

During our rehearsal process, we’ve been checking out a variety of music videos and clips of live performances as we develop ideas about what Pinnacle, Verb, and Peep One’s performance styles and stage presence might be like. Each week we’ll compile a few selections here on the blog — here are this week’s links!

Local rapper Joyner Lucas’ song “I’m Not Racist” has been going viral this week, in large part because of the provocative music video — it’s a timely example of how an artist can use their platform to address contemporary issues:

We’ve been watching a lot of G-Eazy — his lyric “that’s not on my brand” especially jumps out here, as we’ve been considering what kind of “brand” Pinnacle is trying to establish.

Rachelle Fuego is an artist mentioned by Pinnacle in a conversation with Peep One — Rachelle is “global” and someone Peep deeply admires. As we discussed what her music and audience might be like, local rapper Dutch Rebelle came up as a possible inspiration for her sound and look:

Yo Gotti’s performance with Nicki Minaj on the Tonight Show features some solid hype man interjections: