VERB: Some bullshit.
PINNACLE: Yeah it is.
VERB: So sick of this. How many this year alone?
PEEP ONE: Too many.
VERB: This keeps happening.
PINNACLE: I know. It’s bullshit.

– HYPE MAN by Idris Goodwin, p.19


The image above shows just several of the many black lives taken by police unjustly in recent years — their names and many others have been making the front pages and top headlines of major news and media outlets over the past several years as issues surrounding police violence become more of a national conversation. In an attempt to humanize and create visibility for people of color who were victims of police brutality, online activists began using the social media hashtag #saytheirnames.

As we consider the social and political climate in which Hype Man is set and explore the circumstances that lead to the death of (fictional) Jerrod Davis, it’s worth pausing to reflect on the real life incidents that inspired this aspect of the play. Click the names below to read/watch their stories:

Trayvon Martin

Tamir Rice

Tanisha Anderson 

Mya Hall

Walter Scott

Sandra Bland

Mike Brown

Philando Castile

Eric Garner

Their Names and stories Continue…